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カラー蓄光折り紙 月ほたる 10㎝

¥638 税込



太陽の光や蛍光灯の紫外線を吸収し自発光します。 紫外線を20分程吸収し、約10時間ほど発光! カラー蓄光折り紙10㎝ 6色各1枚入り ※Please read if you live outside Japan. There are two requests for shipping outside Japan. (1) When shipping outside of Japan, be sure to order at least 5 items. This doesn't mean that you buy four or more of the same items. Please make sure that the total of all orders is at least 5 items. (2) If you wish to order 4 or less, please contact order@origami-noa.com. Please observe this. thank you for reading.