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スイーツコレクション スイーツカフェ

通常価格 385円




かんたん!たのしい!おりがみ おみせやさんみたいにあそべる! 6種類のスイーツが作れます <セット内容> ・おりがみ 5柄 10枚 ・無地おりがみ 3枚 ・折り図・ままごとシートつき ※Please read if you live outside Japan. There are two requests for shipping outside Japan. (1) When shipping outside of Japan, be sure to order at least 5 items. This doesn't mean that you buy four or more of the same items. Please make sure that the total of all orders is at least 5 items. (2) If you wish to order 4 or less, please contact [email protected]. Please observe this. thank you for reading.